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Find all policies associated with Rebounder Gymnastics here 

Refund/Withdraw Policy

Refund will be issued if you withdraw by the date listed in the program description. There will be a $50.00 non refundable fee, plus classes to date for recreational programs, and $150 non refundable fee, plus classes to date for pre competitive and competitive programs. 


Non Payment Policy

If you have any unpaid fees, you will receive a reminder with a "pay by" date. If you fail to make payment your child will not be allowed access to classes until payment has been received.


Competitive Fee Policy

Additional fees are required for competitive parents, like clothing, suit, competition fees. You will received a notice and have 30 days to pay invoice. Any unpaid fees will prohibit your child from attending competitions, etc. These fees are NON REFUNDABLE



Your child is expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while at the gym. We do not tolerate any forms of abuse, bullying, or disrespect. Children who do not follow the expectations will receive a warning, if the behaviour continues, parents/guardians will be notified. If the child continues, they will be asked to leave the program with no refund issued. Cell phones are not permitted on the gym floor during classes.



Parents/Guardians are expected to conduct respectful behaviour while in the gym. Parents must remain in the designated parent area during class times. No yelling, or interruption of classes will be accepted. If parents do not follow the expectations they will be reminded of the rules. If behaviour continues they will be asked to leave. If the problem is not resolved, your child may be removed from classes, with no refund


Fundraising Policy

Rebounder Gymnastics will offer fundraisers throughout the year. Each family is requested to participate in one per season (Fall and Winter). If you do not wish to participate in the fundraiser offered, you may "buy out" of the fundraiser at the set amount (approximately $50-$90). Fundraisers ensure the club can continue to operate and grow. All fundraiser monies earned will go towards new equipment, coach education, building upgrades, program enhancement. Competitive and Pre competitive athletes please refer to TEAM AGREEMENT


Media Policy

I agree to have my Child's photograph taken and posted on the website, facebook page, newspaper, etc. If you do not wish to have your child's photograph released, please speak to office staff


Inclement Weather Policy

When the GEDSB closes schools, all classes will be cancelled at Rebounder Gymnastics. Make up classes will be provided to RECREATIONAL  classes and will be communicated to each class directly. IF WE ARE ABLE, make up classes will be provided to competitive classes, but there is NO GUARANTEE. There is no refund of fees for inclement weather cancellations, and no refund of fees if you cannot make the offered make up class. 


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